Partitioning Systems

We install partitioning systems that can be used in a wide variety of environments and that meet the needs of today’s workplace. These range from metal stud partitions to glass or glazed.

Whether in an office, restaurant, bar or commercial premises carefully designed partitions provide simple but stylish solutions to interior division of space. The range of different styles, colours and types of partition systems ensure that any new installation compliments existing finishes. Please Contact us today to see how our partition system installers can help you with your commercial partitioning system needs.

Below are some considerations when choosing a partition system:

  • What will the new space be used for?
  • What type of finish do you require?
  • Is fire performance a requirement?
  • Acoustics – is sound proofing required?
  • Some partitions need to be more robust
  • The overall height may have an impact on choice of system
  • Installation time and cost

Types of Partitioning

Metal Stud Drywall

Non load bearing plasterboard partitions which can be constructed to suit most fire and sound rating requirements. These partition types can be used in all types of buildings, with a range to cover simple division of space to high performance separating walls.

Metal stud partitions can be combined with other elements such as glazing and doors to give more versatility for application. Usually the joints are taped and filled for decoration with paint or vinyl wall coverings but can also be used with cover trims or finished plaster.

The use of fibrous infill to the void of these partitions can increase acoustic properties of the partition. The framework is available in 48, 50, 60, 70, 92 and 146mm C and I profiles which enables these partitions to be stable at up to 10m high.

Gyproc Gypwall, Lafarge GTEC and Knauf Performer are all examples of plasterboard partitions.

Metal Stud Drywall

Non fire rated aluminium framed system with composite panels usually with a lightweight plasterboard outer layer bonded to a paper egg crate core. The framework is 50mm thick and can be finished in SAA or powder coated to your requirements. Single and double glazed windows can be form using clip in glazing beads, and can incorporate blinds. The system is cost effective and quick to install and is able to be relocated

Komfort 600, Kameo 50, CCF Excel, Avanti Matrix and Tenon Flex plus are examples of this type of partitioning.


Glazed partitions are constructed of aluminium frames fully glazed or head and floor channels with fully glazed panels between held together with silicone mastic pointing. Glass partitions can be formed to a curve or faceted and are normally single glazed however double glazing is available to increase the sound insulation and to make integral blinds an option. Manifestation is applied to safety requirements and this could be simple dots or shapes to company logos.

These partitions can be relocated if necessary, glazed partitions are not normally fire rated but can be made so with special glass. Doors can be glass or with the use of a halo frame solid doors can be fitted.

Komfort Polar, MHR Logika 5000, CCF Clarity, Avanti Solare, Avanti Elite and Tenon Vitrage are examples of silicon glazed partitioning.

Proprietary Aluminium / Stud

Proprietary aluminium framed partition systems are generally formed using metal stud framework with plasterboard linings in one or two layers with either SAA or powder coated trims and skirting.

Glazed widows can be incorporated into the partition using extruded aluminium frame sections and clip in or PVC glazing beads, single or double glazed options can be used also integral blinds. Matching doorframes can be installed with veneered doors to complete the installation. These partitions can be fire rated and acoustic performance can be increased by the addition of mineral wool insulation to partition void.

These partitions are a very flexible and cost effective option.

Komfire 75, Komfire 100, Kameo 75, Komfort Mirage, CCF Prima, CCF Symmetry, Avanti Designer, Avanti Fireshield Tenon Fire & Sound and Tenon Ovation are all examples of proprietary aluminium systems.

Proprietary Aluminium / Stud
Timber / Wood

Timber or wooden partitions allow a traditional look with modern materials and methods. They can be used as an option that is more in keeping with the look and feel of older buildings. A range of hardwood finishes can be chosen, each one fire rated as well as benefitting from increased acoustic performance.

As they are constructed using a flexible modular system, these are easy to relocate should you wish to change the layout of the room in the future.

Timber / Wood
tenon gypsum komfort knauf
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