Charmol Interiors Ltd supply and install thermal and acoustic insulation from all major manufacturers.

Acoustic partition rolls and slabs are available in a wide range of thickness to be installed in the partition or wall lining void, enhancing the overall noise reduction performance of the partition system.

Thermal insulation and sound insulation can be fitted over plasterboard or lay in tile suspended ceilings to retain heat in the office or work space, and helping reduce energy wastage. Acoustic insulation can also be used over ceilings to prevent sound transfer between rooms.

Our installers will provide maximum care and attention when fitting insulation to your property or premises.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your insulation requirements.

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  • Charmol Interiors enabled me to continue to trade in the evening whilst the work was in progress in my restaurant.

  • I was so pleased I asked them to do my other 2 restaurants. Each restaurant has it’s own unique identity.

  • Charmol Interiors turned my empty shop into a restaurant with original designs and features that no other restaurant has.

  • Great service, clean and tidy work and excellent value!   
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