Acoustic Soundproofing Installers

Vertical acoustics as alternative or complement to the acoustic ceiling

The traditional way to add sound absorption to a room is to install a suspended acoustic ceiling. This, however, is not always possible or it may be that only some parts of the ceiling area can be treated with sound-proofing material. There may be different reasons for this – buildings may have attractive ceiling details, such as stucco work, which you don’t want to hide or which may even be protected by law. The designer may want to expose all the installations or the roof structure, or it may be that the concrete joists have been designed for exposure as part of the room’s thermal regulation.

In cases such as these, vertical absorbers (acoustic wall panels) can be an alternative, to ensure a sufficient volume of soundproofing material.

Different demands, different surface

Our Acoustic Soundproofing installers can offer Wall Panel systems with different types of surfaces and profiles. The choice of insulation system depends on the kind of premises in which it is to be installed. In schools for instance, a surface with high impact resistance is recommended while, in a prestigious office, a surface and profile with high aesthetic qualities would be preferable.

Extensive design possibilities

Wall absorbers in different colours and finishes together with a system of profiles and corner details in matching or contrasting shades, present a wealth of design possibilities. If wall absorbers are used for sound deadening when renovating a room, the preparatory work on the walls is minimised.

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