Papaya Lounge Restaurant

We were asked to refurbish a disused Public House into a restaurant. Ceilings were designed to maximise the creative use of LED lighting, which gave the restaurant a good ambience.

Unusual ceiling features were built in the smaller areas of the restaurant.

Creative features were used with wall art together with effective lighting and unusual wallpaper coverings on the larger walls of the restaurant. A wood flooring was laid complimenting the already existing original bar.

  • Charmol Interiors enabled me to continue to trade in the evening whilst the work was in progress in my restaurant.

  • I was so pleased I asked them to do my other 2 restaurants. Each restaurant has it’s own unique identity.

  • Charmol Interiors turned my empty shop into a restaurant with original designs and features that no other restaurant has.

  • Great service, clean and tidy work and excellent value!   
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